How to get and stay motivated?

10 ways to get MOTIVATED and to set your INTENTIONS guaranteed to work !

1: Get Moving! Notice that when you're sat around doing nothing you're at your least productive.. eg procrastinating on the sofa about whether you can be bothered to get a workout done. So, change your energy by getting up and moving. Put some mood lifting music on, get busy with a quick tidy up of your workout area..the key is to start moving…this will begin the momentum to get you started !

2: Plan out and prepare your day the night before! Take 15 minutes every day to look back and look forward on what went well and what you need to improve. Visualise yourself waking up and getting your workout nailed, how great you will feel once its done, and make a schedule ..create a time for your workout! This way you may even be looking forward to it with excitement! Get organised and get your kit out the night before..lay your mat and dumbbells out GET READY. Create your own workout space..not always possible, but if you can, create an area at home where you keep your equipment, buy a cheap iphone stand so you can watch the screen easier, consider using a bigger screen, make your workout zone an important space just for you and make it the best it can be!

3: Take note of when your best time is to get your workout done, look at your pattern of energy throughout the day…if you know you never have any energy in the evening then don’t even try working out then, focus on getting your workout done at your optimum energy times and you are more likely to succeed.

4: Get very specific with managing your time! Too many people say they run out of time in the day...Really?? Even the most successful CEOs can spare 30 minutes on themselves to exercise 3 times a week..Once you begin stay on this task with no distractions and really focus on giving everything you have. This is a very powerful way of of hitting a task with your full attention. You can build up from there.

5: Have a cut off time! We’ve all put our kit on for the whole day and didn’t manage any exercise! If you have a bad morning/evening and just cant fit it in then have a cut off time, go again the next day, but don’t berate yourself for the whole day and get into a negative headspace about it! Always keep your energy and self talk massively positive!

6: GOAL setting.. Specifically write down (Journal!) your end goal.. your future fit and healthy self. Write down how it will feel, where it will be, when it will be, what are the daily habits of this future self..and what time frame it will take to get there... what do you need to believe in order to do it..what do your beliefs need to be, what do your behaviours need to be. Ask yourself if you are INTERESTED in getting to that end destination or are you COMMITTED? Build habits every day to stay consistent, decrease the “cant be bothered muscle” and start small incentivised commitments to getting to your end destination.

7: Look at the areas of your life you do really well it might be making money, being a mum, boss at work, keeping an immaculate house, cooking, yoga etc in these areas you are able to make daily consistent choices to move you towards your end goal, you believe you can do it, you talk to yourself positively about it , all of your behaviours reinforce that end goal. Transfer these positive skills into your relationship with exercise in order to commit and succeed.

8: Be realistic and know that reaching this goal will not be a straight trajectory, but setbacks do not make us give up, they make us refocus and get straight back on it! Remember you wouldn’t slash the other 3 tyres on your car if you got one flat!

9: Take a weekly meeting with yourself on Sunday evening to look back on your week. Use the STOP, START, CONTINUE approach every week to evaluate what you need to STOP doing , eg drinking wine mid week, eating chocolate START eg using the tips on nutrition for making lunch, and CONTINUE eg i nailed 3 workouts last week and i’m going to do the same again next week!

10: Finally, if possible find an accountability partner..I’m happy to be yours if you need! Knowing you have to check in with someone can massively tip the balance and help you stay on track!

I really hope that these top 10 tips will help you to achieve everything that you want from Nickys Bootcamp! Lets GO!

What are you waiting for?

Grab your trainers and a pair of dumbbells and let’s get cracking! You can build the rest as we go along.. 

Sometimes all you need to do is START